Corinthian Currants – The Superfood!


Our country with its special topographical features, the combination of sea, sun and dry climate provides ideal subsoil for food production with particular characteristics. All these foods with ‘name’ up the framework of a globally accepted nutritional model, regarding the beneficial health effects, ie the Greek Mediterranean diet.

Anastasios Papalazarou, Diaitologos- Nutritionist (PhD) helps us get to know some of these unique foods of Greek land.

Corinthian Currants

It is a unique food of the Greek land. While common raisin (raisin) and sultanas (raisins blonde) are produced in other countries such as Turkey, USA, Australia, China, currants (black) currant produced only in Northern and Western Peloponnese and Zakynthos. It is a pure product, since during the production and processing is not used any additional component, while the drying is done mainly in helium at moderate temperatures. Number of studies have highlighted its beneficial effects in various aspects of our health. Sygkrimena been found to reduce oxidative stress, minimizes the risk of heart disease, whilst also exhibits beneficial effects in reducing the pressure and ypercholsiterolaimias in people with diabetes. It contains many vitamins, fiber and other components, but the high antioxidant content, particularly in vanillic acid, quercetin, gallic acid and resveratrol, appear to be a powerful “weapon” of currants. Finally, raisins are an excellent source of fiber, acting as both a prebiotic, contributing to good bowel function and increase satiety.