About us



Our company’s history begun two decades ago, when in 1996 the father of the current owner, Vassilis Papavassiliou, founded the family business with a view to trade Corinthian currants in the Greek market. The love of the product and the entrepreneurial spirit in conjunction with the increased demand of the consumer for the Korinthian currants made him soon reputable seller with large clientele.

This led three years later to create his own raisin processing factory in Corinth Cesari, named Primaroli SA. It was one of the most innovative factories with full equipment, trained staff and the ability to support the high demand of the product in overseas markets. United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Turkey were among the countries that trust our product and made us pioneers of exporting raisins.

Just before the economic crisis in Greece, the members of the company understood the difficult market conditions that will follow and decide the Primaroli SA owner need to change.

After a short period of reorganisation, the son of the founder and current owner, Panagiotis Papavasileiou, took over the company in order to continue the successful family business of processing and exporting Corinthian currants.

In 2013, agrogo ltd is founded, staffed with new faces and re-enters the market with a new view of promoting and exporting Corinthian products all over the world. Currants, grapes, wine, olive oil, lemons, etc. are only few of the quality products Corinthian land provide to us in abundance, products that agrogo ltd supplies its customers in all countries.