Our aim in “Agrogo ltd” is to bring the Corinthian products close to you. Closer to all our customers who prefer this valuable and nutritious products.

The primary goal of our company is to satisfy customers demand for the same high products quality. This requirement creates, company’s commitment to achieve and maintain the desired quality of our products. The achievement of this goal is linked to the planned and effective use of human, technological and material resources, which the company is committed to provide continuously, according the demands.

Besides, the company meets the needs and requirements of the partners. Form clients point of view, there is and should satisfied the need trusting company’s ability to provide the desired quality and required quantities, at the agreed time tables. To achieve the above goals, Argogo LTD, continuously invest in new equipment, that ensure the flexibility and the excellent quality. Company’s options in terms of production equipment, processing and standardization of the products, as packaging materials,

The options in terms of production equipment, processing and standardization of products as packaging materials, are solely driven by excellent quality of our product. At the same time, Argogo Ltd invest in customer services, we provide instant response to every request and high  service quality (quick delivery, warehouses, sales force, etc.).

Finally, the choice of this substantial and responsible philosophy it’s obvious by the rapid demand of products in many European countries, in the short period of company’s operations and set the bases for the continuous expansion in more countries. This philosophy enables the public to enjoy quality raisins, olive oil, olives, lemons, oranges, mandarins etc with excellent characteristics given by Corinthian land.